Water Refill Stations And The Liskeard Fountain

Liskeard Town Forum has been asked by a local resident to investigate whether The Liskeard Fountain could be reused to provide a water refill station.

The Liskeard Town Forum is investigating whether this is practical, and the possible installation of water refill stations.

Update 20th January 2022

Liskeard Town Forum has presented a report on the idea of giving life back to the old Liskeard Water Fountain, and the installation of some water refill points around the town.

This report was presented to the Liskeard Town Council, Facilities committe, https://www.liskeard.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/3.-FacMinutes-DRAFT-16.11.2021.pdf and the committee has taken this work forward.

The Liskeard Town Forum will support where possible the future work on the fountain with Liskeard Town Council.

To read the Liskeard Town Forum report, please follow this link here: https://www.liskeard.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/Fountain-Water-Refuill-Report-16.11.2021.pdf